Nvidia GPU Repair Services

SiCC repair is our repair business. We specialize in fixing and refurbishing Nvidia graphics cards.

We started this website in order to reach out to more people. We have the tools and skills to do a very fine level of repair work that is on par with what a surgeon does. For the last 3 months we’ve been honing our GPU diagnostic and repair skills. We have successfully brought back to life over 10 high end Nvidia graphics cards.

Maybe you bricked your bios? Knocked off some smd components or damaged some traces on your graphics card circuit board?
We can fix it.

Or maybe your issue is more complex, in that one day your graphics card just stopped outputting video. That could be caused by a multitude of problems ranging from a dead power delivery stage to a malfunctioning V-Ram chip.
Our technicians can tell you with confidence that our equipment will allow us to quickly determine the root of the cause and in most cases, send back a working graphics card to you, the same day we got it from the mailman.

So what does it cost?
the best way we can figure that out is if you reach out to us by phone or email, and talk about the specific problem you’re having. We’ll do our best to help you fix the card without having to send it out to us, but if you have to end up sending it out. Repairs are no fix no fee. You just have to pay for shipping both ways.

Before sending out the card to us, both the customer and SiCC repair sign a repair agreement contract.

Basic repairs start at 89.99 but might end up costing more depending on the specific problem.

If you don’t need a repair, but need your card to be cleaned after some extreme debris from house flooding, or dust build up we offer heatsink cleaning, sonic cleaning for the pcb, thermal paste and thermal pad re-application. And we only use the good stuff. 6.0 W/mK thermal pads, and 12.5 W/mK thermal grizzly kryonaut. Starting at 39.99

Email: contact@siccrepair.com